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Post Info TOPIC: E-mail hack by moderators of ACA posting board.

E-mail hack by moderators of ACA posting board.

My email seems to have been hacked by moderators of the ACA posting board. They then proceeded to delete post that were not considered wrong until after their attempted or actual breaking into my and others emails. My password was changed. And when I complained my account was blocked then my IP address. Clearly there seems to be a problem with the recover of moderators on this site. 

Please post a warning on the entrance of this site. This is not a safe place to share. I will not give you any more information about my self because the disease of the moderators of the ACA board might also be at work here.

Apparently there is no requirement to be part of the board discussion to be a "trusted servant", I have not seem some of the moderator or business meeting member ever sharing on the A.C.A. board.

I hope you can hear the facts not just the anger.

And are willing and able to do the right thing.

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